Conduct Disorder

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Children who have conduct disorder are often hard to control and unwilling to follow rules. They act impulsivity without considering the consequences of their actions. They also don’t take other people’s feelings is to consideration.

Types of Conduct Disorder:

There are 3 types of conduct disorders. They are categorized accordingly to the age at which symptoms of the disorder first occur.

  1. Childhood onset occur when the signs of conduct disorder appear before the age of 10.
  2. Adolescent onset occurs when the sign of conduct disorder appear during the teenage years.
  3. Unspecified outset means the age at which conduct disorder first occurs is unknown.

Symptoms of Conduct Disorder:

  1. Aggressive behavior: These are behaviors that threatens or causes physical harm and may include fighting, bullying, being cruel to others and animals.
  2. Distractive Behavior: This involves intentional destruction of property such as arson (Deliberate fire- setting) and vandalism.9harming another person’s property)
  3. Deficit behavior: This may include repeated lying, shoplifting or breaking into homes or crash in order to steal.

Treatment for Conduct Disorder (Childhood):

Treatment for Conduct Disorder depends on several factors such as child’s age and the severity of behavior problems. The most common treatment methods include,

  1. Psychotherapy: Individual Therapy may be helpful when a child could benefit from learning new skills such as anger management and impulse control.
  2. Parent Training: Treatments often involves care givers and parents.
    Parents may be taught behavior management strategies and techniques to increase safety in the home if the child is aggressive or violent.
  3. Family Therapy: Parents, siblings and other family members may be invited to attend therapy with the child. Sometimes improving the relationship between parents and their child may improve family interactions.

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